We offer 30 or 60 min group classes as well as private sessions. Caring corporations interested in mindfulness workshops for employees may contact us for more details.

Yoga at Home

Mindful Recharge | 30


This grounding breath-based practice leads to greater clarity, focus, and present moment awareness.


Loving Kindness | 30


Kindness is the new cool! This class teaches you ways to become more compassionate and empathetic toward yourself and others.

Running in Nature

Best of Both Worlds | 60

Yoga  & Meditation

If you enjoy both yoga and meditation practices, you will love our signature class which thoughtfully combines the two. 

Yoga Practice

Let It Flow | 60


Don't just let it go, let it flow! Mindful Studio's own yoga flow connects every moment with breath and concentration, making it a moving meditation. 

Marble Surface

Walking Meditation | 30


Yes meditation can be practised with movement! In this class you will learn the art of walking meditation as a precursor to sitting meditation. 


Sleepy Baby | 30 


The average adult requires 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night but most don't reach that goal. Join this class to quieten your thoughts and put your mind at ease. Available online only.

Mindful Studio 

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