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Sunrise Meditation and Yoga Experience

with Professional Photo-shooting


As featured in the popular facebook site, we are offering a unique experience to practice meditation and yoga within nature's embrace.


The excursion covers a silent hike, pre-dawn meditation, and sunrise yoga. There will also be a photo shoot session to capture these precious moments.


To catch the sunrise in a timely manner, the gathering time at Ma On Shan Country Park will be around 05:00. It will be all worth it as we arrive into a new day with the energizing rays of the sun. The full experience, priced at $2,000 per person (promotional), will last for about 3.5 hours, including the time required to hike up and down the trail. If you wish to opt out of photo-shooting, the price is $1,000 per person.


For more information or booking please contact us

Studies consistently show that corporate employees who attended a mindfulness course demonstrate positive change in their ability to make better decisions, with an overwhelming percentage becoming better listeners. A number of well-known conglomerates have implemented mindfulness based programs for their employees over the years.


Hong Kong being known for its hard working culture could very much benefit from the introduction of mindfulness based programs into the workplace, yet the city has still yet to fully harness its potential. To fill this gap, Mindful Studio HK developed a "Corporate Mindfulness Program" with the aim to inspire organizations to explore the benefits that mindfulness-based practices could bring.

The Program contains a 2-part series to encapsulate a succinct yet thorough introduction to the subject of mindfulness, which can be delivered in Cantonese and/or English:


1. What is mindfulness - foundational understanding that underpins inner growth and a calm and clear mind

2. How to be more mindful at work?  - through enhanced self-awareness, employees learn to communicate better, strengthen relationships, and lead with greater presence and impact 


For more information or booking please contact us.

Corporate Mindfulness Program

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#TAGZERO Activewear

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#TAGZERO promotes healthy living through mindfulness, yoga, and other exercises. The brand engages in charitable and other meaningful work to promote eco-conscious living and empowers the socially marginalized. The ZERO of #TAGZERO was conceptualized from a circle, a symbol signifying the “wheel of life” through which we all find our purpose. Shop for your favorite activewear including sports-bra and leggings at What's more, apply promocode "TAGMINDFUL" for 10% discount!

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