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"Meditate with Simon"

"Meditate with Simon" is a unique platform bringing together the global mindful community to meet and practice meditation online.

Dhamma Talk on the "3 kinds of love" with loving-kindness meditation practice recorded on 14 Feb 2021


We meet every Sunday at 5:30PM Hong Kong time (GMT + 8), via Zoom.


Please register your interest to participate. Meeting reminders along with joining link will be sent to you. You only need to register once.


The live session will be guided, all you need is a firm cushion or a chair to sit on, and have your device placed in front of you.

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Sessions are free for all. Any financial support will help us deliver this experience sustainably. Donate via PayPal, PayMe, or contact us for FPS and bank account information.


"I read Buddhist texts more in Chinese than in English. Your explication is very systematic in a way conducive to comprehension and thus assimilation. Your guidance too is very clear. I feel very grateful to you and definitely like to continue with the practice." Jim C., Edinburgh, UK

"Before following Simon, I barely practiced meditation regularly because I disliked myself staying peaceful on the outside but being full of ideas inside. However, then I learnt to notice my feelings and label all thoughts, trying carefully not to evaluate or go deep into them. The weekly lesson about Buddhism seems to me a good supplement to understanding ourselves so it is useful both in meditation and life. I'm most impressed by the doctrine of dependent arising, which helps me to be more aware of my conditions now. At last, thank you for all the instructions! Very helpful!" Ms Liu, Edinburgh, UK

"I think that Simon is an excellent guide and teacher. His authenticity, knowledge, wisdom and humour shine through. Given there is only 30 minutes, I think the balance between instruction and practice is about right. I try to meditate at least one hour daily, and I am finding this very helpful." Michael S., Perth, Australia

Sunrise Meditation and Yoga Experience

with Professional Photo-shooting


As featured in the popular facebook site, we are offering a unique experience to practice meditation and yoga within nature's embrace.


The excursion covers a silent hike, pre-dawn meditation, and sunrise yoga. There will also be a photo shoot session to capture these precious moments.


To catch the sunrise in a timely manner, the gathering time at Ma On Shan Country Park will be around 05:00. It will be all worth it as we arrive into a new day with the energizing rays of the sun. The full experience, priced at $2,000 per person (promotional), will last for about 3.5 hours, including the time required to hike up and down the trail.


For more information or booking please contact us

Member get Member Referral Programme

Members who resonate with our style and would like to recommend friends to experience what we offer can take advantage of Mindful Studio HK's referral programme!


When an existing client refers a friend who eventually purchases a credit pack of 5 or 10 classes, the referrer and referee will be rewarded with bonus classes.

For a pack of 5, the referrerer will get one bonus class. For a pack of 10, both referrer and referee will get a bonus class, corresponding to the type of package purchased. The programme is effective from 12 Nov 2020 and will be on-going until further notice.