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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the measures taken in light of COVID-19?
    All props such as yoga mats and cushions are sterilized by RAZE self-sanitizing coating which decomposes bacteria, viruses, odors, and VOCs. There are 3 x air-purifiers at the Studio which will be switched on during classes. Disinfectants will also be made available in the studio should you wish to further wipe down any of our props.
  • Should I wear a face mask in class?
    Subject to any prevailing government regulations that may be updated from time to time, wearing of face masks is optional during exercise.
  • When should I arrive at the studio?
    Kindly arrive 5 to 10 minutes before class begins. If you arrive too early, another class might still be in session and we would not be able to let you in. There are abundant shops around the neighborhood for you to browse around in case you arrive a tad too early.
  • What do I do upon arrival?
    Send that final text message and turn off your phone prior to entering the studio and kindly remove your shoes. For meditation classes you can either sit on the cushions on the floor or on the benches. For yoga classes just pick one of the yoga mats (or use your own).
  • What should I wear and bring?
    We provide yoga mats, cushions, and benches which are throughly sanitized using RAZE technology. You may bring your own personal mat as well if that is your preference. For meditation classes, if you wish to sit on the floor (cross-legged), wear loose-fit pants or those made of strechable material. If you are in office outfit and do not feel like changing, then you may simply sit on the benches. For meditation practice, you may keep your socks on if you wish. Sometimes as the mind calms the body may also cool down, if you have a tendency to feel cold easily, you may bring a shawl. There could be light stretching movements even in meditation classes. For yoga classes, please come in yoga clothing. Or purchase our #TAGZERO activewear (women's only) right at the studio.
  • What is the language of instruction?
    The default language is English. But depending on the actual demographics of a particular class we can switch to Chinese or bi-lingual.
  • Do you offer any group sessions?
    Due to the boutique setting of our studio, we only offer private sessions that are tailored to the needs and requests of the client, and can include a combination of stretching, yoga, meditation, pilates, and sound relaxation practices. With private sessions there will be more instructions on postural alignment and other techniques. Clients taking private sessions may attend alone or bring a friend for the same price.
  • How do I book? What is the class cancellation policy?
    You may book and pay up to 4 weeks in advance on our website. At the moment we only accept Mastercard or Visa as form of payment through our website. If you prefer to pay by other means such as American Express, cash, PayMe, or FPS, Alipay, or WeChat Pay please contact us for arrangements. All purchases are non-refundable. Please make cancellations at least 24 hours in advance.
  • What kind of packages do you offer? How do I pay?
    We operate on the basis of pre-paid "credit packs", ranging from pack of 1, 5, and 10 sessions. Pack of 5s expire 6 months from the date of your purchase, and Pack of 10s expire 12 months from the date of your purchase. Purchases can be made via our website. At the moment we only accept Mastercard or Visa as form of payment through the website. If you prefer to pay by other means such as American Express, cash, PayMe, or FPS, Alipay, or WeChat Pay, please contact us for arrangements. All purchases are non-refundable.
  • Where is your studio?
    We are located in Unit 1701 of Harvest Building, 29-35 Wing Kut Street in Central. Go to Contact to view the exact location via Google Map.
  • How big is the studio?
    It is a boutique studio of around 450 square feet. Our classes will accommodate no more than 4 clients which is ideal for more personal attention and interaction.
  • Are there shower / changing rooms?
    We have our own private washroom with toilet but no showers. Before and after classes you may change your clothes within our curtained areas.
  • Do you have lockers?
    We do not have lockers but we do have racks that are visible at all times where you can deposit your belongings. The less valuables you bring with you, the more your mind is at peace.
  • I am new to meditation, how do I begin?"
    If you have made it this far into the website, you are well on your way to becoming a meditator. As the saying goes, there is a first time for everything. So the best way to lift the mysterious veil of meditation is to experience it yourself! Some classes will resonate more with you than others. At the moment we do not distinguish classes into "beginner" or "intermeidate" levels. Go to Classes for detailed descriptions.
  • What if I fell asleep during meditation?
    What if you don't fall asleep? Truth is even seasoned practioners fall asleep sometimes. Our body and mind are in a constant state of flux. Some days you would feel more energetic, and some days you would feel otherwise! Falling asleep may mean you are sleep deprived, or it may also mean you are getting relaxed which often intermingles with sleepiness. Basically there's no need to worry as our teachers will be there to guide you.
  • Is meditation a religious practice?
    Meditation had long been de-mystified. Mindfulness related practices have been scientically proven to be beneficial to the body and mind in recent decades. The methods and techniques taught at Mindful Studio did have Buddhist roots. We invite anybody who is keen on exploring mindfulness to come and experience it for him/herself.
  • Are certain personalities more suitable for meditation?
    Meditation and Mindful Studio are open to all but those who identify with one or more of the following traits may derive even greater insights from their practice: 1. Those who are intrigued by the miracle of the universe and life. 2. Those who enjoy the beauty and clarity of solitude. 3. Those who have interest to cultivate love and compassion. 4. Those who are keen to explore the mind and body connection.
  • Can I practice if I am pregnant?
    You should rely on your doctor's advice regarding pregnancy. Generally speaking, meditation is safe (and can even be beneficial) for moms-to-be. Please inform your instructor if you are pregnant. Our private sessions can be arranged as pre-natal classes.
  • What qualifications do the instructor have?
    The Founder of Mindful Studio had undertaken over 800 hours of training in teaching yoga and was as an ordained Buddhist monk for 3 years where he practiced meditation intensively during the period (check out the Blog). Below is his brief resume: 1998 - Bachelor of Science (Cornell University, USA) 1999 - Master of Engineering (Cornell University, USA) 2008 - Yoga Teacher Training in Hong Kong (Pure Yoga) 2008 - Yoga Teacher Training in Mysore, India (Atmavikasa Centre of Yogic Sciences) 2009 - Yoga Therapist Training in Mysore, India (Atmavikasa Centre of Yogic Sciences) 2010 - Yoga Teacher Training in Himalayas, India (Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre) 2010 - 2012 Master of Buddhist Studies, University of Hong Kong 2012 - 2014 Ordained in Yangon, Myanmar as a Buddhist Monk 2020 - 2022 Master of Buddhist Counselling, University of Hong Kong
Studio Location

We are located at Unit 1701, Harvest Building on 29-35 Wing Kut Street, nestled between Queen's Road Central and Des Voeux Road, and within walking distance from Hong Kong, Central, and Sheung Wan MTR stations. 

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