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Class Descriptions

Whether your interest is in yoga, meditation, pilates, soundbath, there will always be an option that suits you at Mindful Studio HK. Or, combine some or all of the above to formulate your own mini-retreat! Simply contact us to discuss your preferences.



Based on the original exercises developed by Joseph Pilates, Mat Pilates focuses on strengthening the core muscles and mobilising the spine, to prevent injuries and allow for greater ease as we go about our daily lives. 

Hatha yoga basics


This class focuses on basic and static asanas. The "hold" is a bit longer when compared with Let It Flow, allowing you to gain deeper understanding into your body and mind.

Mindful recharge


This grounding practice leads to greater clarity, focus, and present moment awareness. The instructor may introduce a number of meditation techniques such as breath meditation, walking meditation, and loving-kindness or compassion meditation.

Let it flow


Don't just let it go, let it flow! Mindful Studio's own yoga flow connects every moment with breath and concentration, making it a moving meditation. 

Soundbath / Gongbath


Said to deliver therapeutic effects leading to deeper states of calm and relaxation, completely let your body and mind immerse into the mesmerizing rhythms of singing bowls and gongs.

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