Group Class Descriptions

Whether your interest is in hatha yoga or meditation, or even both, there will always be an option that suits you.

Yoga at Home

Mindful Recharge | 60


This grounding practice leads to greater clarity, focus, and present moment awareness. The instructor may introduce a number of meditation techniques such seated breath meditation, walking meditation, and compassion meditation. 

Running in Nature

Best of Both Worlds | 60

Yoga  & Meditation

If you enjoy both yoga and meditation practices, you will love our signature class which thoughtfully combines the two. 

Yoga Practice

Let It Flow | 60


Don't just let it go, let it flow! Mindful Studio's own yoga flow connects every moment with breath and concentration, making it a moving meditation. 

Marble Surface

Hatha Yoga Basics | 60


This class focuses on basic and static asanas. The "hold" is a bit longer when compared with Let It Flow, allowing you to gain deeper understanding into your body and mind.

Soundbath or Gongbath | 60 


Said to deliver therapeutic effects leading to deeper states of calm and relaxation, completely let your body and mind immerse into the mesmerizing rhythms of singing bowls and gongs.