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The Journey to Within

Based on the timeless and proven principles of mindfulness and yoga practices, Mindful Studio HK is eager to journey with you on the path of self-discovery with an aim to enhance your overall well-being.

What We Offer


Among its benefits, meditation helps improve focus, clarity, and equanimity. Those who have tried meditation, even for just a fraction of an hour a day, become more relaxed and less distracted by fleeting thoughts, demonstrating an enhanced ability to tackle everyday issues, be it at home or at work.


Open the door to your heart for inner strength and healing


We remain faithful to the original definition of yoga which is the "stilling of the fluctuations of the mind." 

Classical Hatha Yoga

Postures and movements to reset and rejuvenate

Our yoga classes are authentically classical, with an aim to guide students through breathwork and physical movement to recharge and refresh body and mind.


Our "Corporate Mindfulness Program" aims to inspire organizations to explore the benefits that mindfulness-based practices could bring to the workplace so employees can fly high. For details refer to the descriptions below.    

Corporate Mindfulness 

Managing and flying high in a volatile and uncertain world

Studies consistently show that corporate employees who attended a mindfulness course demonstrate positive change in their ability to make better decisions, with an overwhelming percentage becoming better listeners. A number of well-known conglomerates have implemented mindfulness based programs for their employees over the years.


Hong Kong being known for its hard working culture could very much benefit from the introduction of mindfulness based programs into the workplace, yet the city has still yet to fully harness its potential. To fill this gap, Mindful Studio HK developed a "Corporate Mindfulness Program" with the aim to inspire organizations to explore the benefits that mindfulness-based practices could bring.

The Program contains a 2-part series to encapsulate a succinct yet thorough introduction to the subject of mindfulness, which can be delivered in Cantonese and/or English:


1. What is mindfulness - foundational understanding that underpins inner growth and a calm and clear mind

2. How to be more mindful at work?  - through enhanced self-awareness, employees learn to communicate better, strengthen relationships, and lead with greater presence and impact 


For more information or booking please contact us.

Corporate Mindfulness Program

Why Practice with Mindful Studio HK?

Mindful Studio HK is founded by Simon Hui, who was born in Hong Kong but grew up in Nigeria, attended an ivy league university in the US, learned yoga in India, and once ordained as a Buddhist monk in Myanmar. He is also a Buddhist Counselor in training. Though now a full-time afficionado in the realms of health, wellbeing, and mindfulness, Simon was once a corporate highflyer in a suit and tie. As life continues to unfold, he felt it is the right time to share his experience and learnings with the community. Read more about his adventure in Our Blog.

The aim of Mindful Studio HK is to harmonize that vital connection amongst body, mind, and nature. We believe health is wealth, and inner peace is the new success! Here we let go of the complex world outside to reach the tranquil world inside. Here we become better versions of ourselves. Get a feel of what we have to offer in the webinar below!

Webinar "Meeting of the Minds - A Conversation with Will Kabat-Zinn and Simon Hui"